It's time to get started.

Cell groups are the primary means of real, personal community at Canvas. We invite you to join a cell group to experience what we are all about!

Join a Cell Group near you!

(Regular cell groups are on hiatus for the summer. Use the Contact page in the main menu to reach us, and we'll get you connected to special summer cells! You may also fill out one of the below forms to be allocated to a cell for the fall season.)

Women's Swarthmore/Wallingford Group - Tuesdays @ 7pm

Women's Old City Group - Tuesdays @ 7pm

Women's Devon/Wayne Group - Thursdays @ 7pm

Women's Port Richmond/Center City Group - Thursdays @ 7pm

Men's Aston/Wayne Group - Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

Men's Port Richmond Group - Tuesdays @ 7pm

Men's Chinatown Group - Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Co-ed Cherry Hill/Haddonfield Group - Wednesdays @ 6:30pm